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Frequently Asked Questions

"My Account" offers you complete control over your transactions on www.vtacled.com. It is easy to set up and allows you to:

Manage/Edit your personal data like your address, phone number, email address, etc.

Change your password

View and Track the status of your orders"
"Once your order has been placed and payment has been authorized, we will confirm the receipt through email and begin processing your order.

You will receive an email containing the details of your order, at which time you will be assigned a unique Order ID, a summary of the item(s) you have ordered, along with an expected delivery time.

You will also be notified when the product leaves the warehouse to be shipped to your doorstep. Shipping details will be provided with the respective tracking number(s) so you can monitor your order at all times."
While having an account isn’t mandatory to shop for and purchase items (all you need to submit is your email), it is recommended that you create an account. By creating your own account, you access a higher level of personalized shopping experience, including recommended/related products, faster checkout times and can even set up a personal “wish list.” By setting up an account, you’ll also be able to rate and review products.
Unfortunately, products listed as Out of Stock are not available for sale currently. However, we have an ample number of alternate products with very similar specifications and also, soon enough you will see the product of your choice available on our website.
No. There is no expiry date for the balance in your Wallet. You will be able to use the credits and balance in your Wallet to make purchases at any point in time.
" •Set up/Log in to your www.vtacled.com account
•Once you log in, the Wallet balance will be visible in the header section of www.vtacled.com.
•Go to the Wallet page in the My Account section to view/manage your Wallet balance."
"The Wallet can include of two sections, Store Credit and Promotional Balance. Your Wallet balance is sum total of these components.

• Store Credit: This is the credit VTACLED.COM typically offers in lieu of a cancelled order. The amount residing in this section can be completely refunded to you (if you choose).
• Promotional Balance: This is the credit VTACLED.COM offers for promotional, referral incentives or discount purposes. The amount residing in this section is not refundable."
In the event that your Wallet balance is lower than the total amount due for your order, you can make a partial payment using your Wallet and then top up the remaining amount of your payment using any of the other payment options. PLEASE NOTE: the Cash-on-Delivery option cannot be combined with a Wallet payment.
No. The Wallet is associated with your VTACLED.COM account and cannot be transferred to any other accounts.
"•Topped-Up Balance: This section refers to the prepaid credit balance in your wallet that you have purchased using your credit/debit card or Net Banking for use on future orders. The amount in this section is not refundable.
•Store Credit: This is the credit offered by sellers, typically in lieu of a cancelled order. The amount in this section can be completely refunded to you (if you choose). The Wallet balance is the sum total of the two components mentioned above (Store Credit and Promotional Balance).
•Promotional Balance: This is promotional credit and is not refundable."
Since the Wallet is associated with your account, it cannot be deleted without deleting your entire account. The Wallet is a feature designed to expedite the payment process on the website, but you are not required to use it to make a purchase.
"We have introduced a prepaid payment option called the Wallet. The balance on your existing store credit reflects as Wallet credit. This enables you to conveniently shop multiple times on VTAC LED while only having to make a single payment.

When you make a purchase, it will be added to your account and appear as prepaid credit in your Wallet. When you create an order, you can choose to use the Wallet as the method of payment and the amount will be deducted from the existing balance."
You can view the status of your order and other related information in the My Account section. On the ‘My Account’ page, click on the My Orders link to view the status of your orders. To view the status of a specific order, click on ‘Track order’ which will direct you to our logistics partner page showing your current order status.
"“Payment Authorized, Order under Processing”: Authorization has been received from the payment gateway and your order is being processed by the seller.

“Order Shipped”: Your order has been shipped by the seller and is on its way to the location specified by you for delivery."
You can cancel your order any time before it reaches the "Order Shipped" status. To cancel, please contact us with the order number of the item(s) you purchased. You also have the option of returning the product once it has been delivered to you, in the event that it is not the right product or if it has been damaged in transit.
Our Logistics Partner will come and deliver the ordered product at your doorstep anywhere across the entire of United Kingdom. You will just have to present your U.K Identification card and sign on the delivery sheet put in front of you.
Products sold by us are shipped in packages with waterproof plastic wrap. Fragile items, are safely secured with bubble wrap, and all electronic items are taken care of from damage during transit.
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