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LED Decorative Bulbs


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Buy LED Decorative Bulbs Online in Vtacled UK

The elegant semblance of decorative LED lights from Vtac LED are as wonderful as the light they give. VTAC LED lights are accessible in the most well known shapes and sizes, including LED chandeliers, LED Candle Bulbs, Wall lights and so on.With V-TAC, our LED decorative bulbs are not only innovative but we are also offering it at a very competitive price. This is an ideal replacement for variety of lighting applications for your home and other areas, providing a softer, more refined quality of light, and it comes with different brightness and luminous colour options. Our decorative bulbs are durable from breakage or any external shock compared to the old incandescent and fluorescent bulbs which are very fragile. These LED bulbs produces a soft, good quality light and does not have high-powered discharge that is harmful to the eyes.With the LED decorative bulbs you can complement the area and turn it into a more fascinating and a more elegant place. Many interior designers are recommending to use LED decorative bulbs, aside from having 80 to 90% energy saving, it is highly can make your portraits, walls, furnitures, bedrooms and living room into a more inviting and more sophisticated. LED decorative bulbs is more prominent for it can illuminate the right amount of light quality that your premises requires for it has an option to be to be dimmed at our consumers convenience and various holders as well such as E27, E14, B22, B15 are the most popular example.

With our Filament and SMD LED chips which is highly tested and certified that it will lasts 20 times longer than the Standard bulbs. Decorative bulbs normally powered on for a longer hours in a day, with that, upon using LED fixtures helps to produce a brighter and better quality light and to avoid to not to get burn easily because LED lights does not burn out and produces far less heat that the traditional lights. We provide the product with the equivalent wattage with your conventional bulb series to avoid confusion and easy retrofit process and it comes with 2 years warranty to assure you that the product you receive from V-TAC LED decorative bulbs is certified and tested, making sure that your investment is worth it and protected.Get your creativity to life in a high quality light and environmental friendly V-TAC LED, our LED decorative bulbs helps our consumer to protect the environment because it is certified no mercury or lead content, low energy consumption, much longer life span which returns a positive return on their investment in the long run.

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