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LED Light Bulbs

Powerful, Efficient & Elegant Led Bulbs

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    • Watts: 3
    • Brand: V-TAC
    • Beam Angle : 180
    • Led Type : SMD
    £ 1.49

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Buy LED Light Bulbs Online in Vtacled UK

An extensive collection of LED Bulbs which have been retrofitted to suit most standard Lighting Fixtures, with a wide range of wattage from 2W to 40W.V-TAC LED Bulbs is the leading option and the top of the line in the market for producing high quality lighting system to improve and modernized your lighting system in a less expensive way and eco-friendly lifestyle. It's the perfect replica of your traditional lighting solution. With a longer life span and massive energy saving, LED Bulbs brings an impressive impact in your home lighting structure.With multiple range of holders like:

E27, the most popular and the standard format of Edison Screw or ES bulb fitting. E27 has 27 mm diameter and is commonly used in table lights, wall lamps, hanging lamps, or chandelier and outdoor lamps.E14, or known as Small Edison Screw, with 14 mm diameter. It is normally used for decoration of for small fittings like candle type chandeliers, and various wall lights as well.B22, has 22 mm diameter and is also known as Bayonet Cap. Its commonly known for its push and twist action.B15, the smaller version of B22 and it has 15 mm diameter.ST series like our ST64 type has an amber cover glass body, makes the quality of light more soft and vintage. G24, the exact retrofit forms your old compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulb, the same design with CFL but with LED lights.These holder are already used with your conventional Incandescent and Fluorescent lighting system. The bulbs have a customized exterior like glass or thermoplastic body for stronger, durable body to achieve excellent heat radiation efficiency.V-TAC LED bulbs comes with different commercial type like:A shape, the most common used for household light bulbs like a A60, A65, A67, and A120 type.Candle and Candle Flame design, normally used for small fitting and as a decorative light with the elegant lighting quality.

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