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Buy LED Panel Lights Online in Vtacled UK

"Uniform radiance coupled with consistent illumination and zero hot or cold spots, just pure systematic radiance with the V-TAC LED Light Panels. Practical, Economical and friendly.An environmental friendly lighting technology LED Panels, with SMD chips for a good heat-dissipation function and ideal in modern community, perfect for interior lighting purposes that makes premises more appealing and inviting. Essential for sustainable development and innovation wise. With V-TAC LED, our panel lights assures that through innovation, we provide the latest and the best high quality exterior, branded chips and high luminous LED as well, for a high level of safety at an astonishing low money spending year after year and in an extremely good & durable quality lighting structure and light emitting.V-TAC LED Panels established its product because of its ultra slim body structure and flexibility in design, making as one of the best lighting options for indoor applications because of its modern design that gives better illumination. One of the most popular is the 60x60 LED Panel, the exact retrofit for your traditional lighting system without changing or replacing your ceiling grid. Giving you a comparable light output from your traditional lighting but with a much lesser power consumption.

For maximum upgrade, V-TAC LED offers premium drivers like DALI master, DALI Multi-current and DALI bus power supply, we also have the DALI touch panel controller for ease of use for multiple panels in one area. If you want to make your existing premium panels to have a Dimmable option, we also provide premium dimmable drivers, varies on how many panels or how much wattage it will consume total. V-TAC LED panels have multiple variations, it can be installed in different types of options. Aside from the recessed type, we also have the Surface mounted and Suspended mounted. We also have the TWIN LED series, where at the edge of the panel- reflects the light from the main source. The TWIN LED Series are usually used to compliment the area's cutting-edge and modern interior designs.V-TAC LED has 3 colour temperatures like Warm white, Day white and White, we also provide Dimmable options and lastly the latest and the best high lumens, offering you up to 120 Lumens per Watt. More light to produce but not more power consume, for example a 45W LED Panel with 3600 Lumens, but with 120 Lumens per Watt panels, it can give you up to 5,400 Luminous effect, the same power usage but higher light output. We also have a rated UGR19 panels, to avoid visual discomfort or get disturbed with the quality of light our panel produces.V-TAC LED panel lights have aluminum lightweight frames, designed to block light leakage, easy heat dissipation and high quality exterior shells makes it very durable and deterioration is never a question.V-TAC LED is making sure that our LED Panels are friendly to our nature, no content with LEAD or Mercury and with no ultraviolet radiation, infrared rays and thermal effect.You can also look for Big Panels Lights, Mini Panels Lights, Round Panel Lights and Square Panel Lights.

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