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  1. 220V50,220V20 MR-16 SPOT LAMP 45W (1)

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    • Watts: 7
    • Brand: V-TAC
    • Beam Angle : 110
    • Led Type : SMD
    £ 3.49

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Buy LED Spot Lights Online in Vtacled UK

Introducing sustainable & energy efficient substitute for the power consuming 35W and 50W Halogen Spotlights, An extensive range of LED SPOTLIGHTS (1.2W - 7W).LED Spotlight is perfect for applications like Hotels, Bars, Commercial & Residential and Exhibition Stands. With a customized exterior for stronger body and with perfect choices of beam angle from 30° to 120°. V-TAC LED spotlight is also a non-flickering LED lights, so no matter how many times you switch the light on or off, it will not affect the spotlight's service life. Many establishments now are choosing LED spotlight for their decorations, showroom or even for interior design because of the quality rich light it produces. LED spotlight lasts 20 times longer than standard bulbs, uses 80% less energy and with excellent heat radiation efficiency. V-TAC LED spotlights have broad range of holders like GU10 and MR16, these are the main spotlight holders used for homes, offices and showrooms. Both holders have similar look but the difference are the prongs and the power voltage requirements. GU10 works at 220-240V while MR16 is at 12V, makes the MR16 needs a driver to work with a 240V, a regular household requires. Other LED spotlight holders are JCDR, G9 and G4. G9 & G4 have different prongs as well and power requirements, G9 works at 220 - 240V while G4 is at 12V, thus having a driver is a must.

The V-TAC LED spotlights have 3 colour temperatures like Warm White, Day White and White, and dimmable & non-dimmable options are also available. We have Glass reflector or Milky Cover if you want to have either a clear direct light or a softer light output. Our LED spotlight also has accessories like the fittings, for either round shape or square shape, with fittings color like White, Chrome or Satin Nickel. You can get a fitting by each spotlight, by two or three spotlight in one fitting. Multiple options for the fitting to match or compliment your ceiling design or the area where you want to set it up.V-TAC Spotlight fittings also has an IP54 rating, for ingress of dust or water jets, not entirely preventing it but enough protection for the such contact from any direction. We also offer spotlight track fitting, for single, double, or 3 led spotlight in one fitting, and lastly, we have the anticipated fire rated fitting for indoor series, for GU10 holders, to prevent such fitting to easily get melt in the presence of fire.V-TAC LED only manufactures a premium quality power driver spotlight that brings efficiency for a low voltage but a high class luminous effect, this product is suitable for showrooms & decorations to give more focused and delightful to eye quality of brightness. LED spotlight emit lights directly to certain objects or furniture to achieve the colorful effect and to give emphasis in a less energy consumption way, conserving electrical power and money saving year after year. With 2 years warranty to protect your investment and assure you that V-TAC LED is a reliable LED lighting company.

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