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LED Strip Lights


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Buy LED Strip Lights Online in Vtacled UK

Add an extensive array of lights and colors to any setting or interior, rejuvenate and transform the ambiance of any environment at the flick of a switch with V-TAC's LED Strip Light Series. Easy installation with minimal space requirement makes this the right choice for Restaurants, Auditoriums and Meeting Room etc.V-TAC LED strips lights are becomes one of the most popular lighting option which is ideal for illuminating borders, edges, and to an area with limited space for installation whether it is for an organization or for home. LED strip lights more functional and innovative way of indoor design, it is long and thin, it has a self-adhesive that makes it more flexible and very easy for installation like in curve corners without the need for mounts or brackets. One of the unique features of LED strip lights is that it is incredibly flexible, you can bend it without breaking the strip light itself.V-TAC LED strips lights are exceptionally low in power consumption, gives you different IP rating from IP20 - Protected from touch by fingers and objects greater than 12 millimeters and IP65 - protected from total dust ingress & from low pressure water jets from any direction. There are single colour and colour-changing RGB (Red, Green and Blue) strips to produce multiple visual effects in an unending colours and shades. These are SMD chips to produce pure light and no glare, makes a very suitable for decorations and lighting alternatives as well.

Strip lights is one of the safest LED light to use because it uses only 12V, that means a transformer is needed. It consumes less power to create the same lighting effect. Since its LED it does not burn out, for kids or pets then there will be unharmed specially if this is going to be used all day. Nowadays, environmental concern is very important to the people and various organizations, LED light is an eco-friendly with no harmful substances like Mercury or LEAD and it has a big impact on saving the energy thus giving you low cost for electricity and power usage as a whole.LED strips has one unique attribute that other LED lights doesn't, it can be cut precisely according to your length preference, others may think its not safe but LED strips are made exactly that way. The versatility of these long and thin V-TAC LED strip lights brings stunning and attractive lighting option in different places, to generate more light with less power consumption and greater life span than the traditional lighting options and lets not forget the return of investment is very high.You can also go for LED Drivers and Strip Accessories & Connectors here at best price.

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