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Value Proposition: re-fitting GU10 lamps

06Jun, 2016
Despite the enthusiasm for energy-saving lamps, there is still a huge market for conventional tungsten halogen lamps, particularly of the small spotlight type usually known as GU10 lamps. These lamps are commonly found in domestic and small commercial premises, often acting as the primary source of illumination, installed in grids of small downlights. The benefits of the tungsten halogen version of the GU10 lamp appear to be obvious: they are cheap to buy, provide an attractive white light colour, they are easily dimmable and don’t require additional transformers. But does that mean that there are no alternatives? Developments in LED technology now demonstrate otherwise. Benefits of LED against tungsten halogen

The latest generation of GU10 LED lamps has been developed to challenge directly the needs of those currently using tungsten halogen lamp. They offer a simple retro-fit solution for almost all existing GU10 lighting installations. In this Value Proposition, we focus on two GU10 LED lamps from the V-TAC range of LED spotlights, the 5W non-dimmable (ref: VT-1975) and 7W dimmable (VT-2887D) versions. These GU10 LED lamps have the following features: Soft-edged light distribution better suited to ambient lighting, with no intense brightness Colour rendition quality that matches most other low energy lamps currently available Lamps are available in three colour temperatures to suit different lighting needs Light outputs that match the outputs of energy-hungry halogen lamps but at a lower wattage Dimmable at the higher of the two ratings (7W version) But the single feature that makes the LED option an obvious choice when it comes to re-lamping is the expected operating life of 20,000 hours, which means that they will last many hours longer than the halogen version. And that means savings on both running costs and in purchase price.