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Outdoor Lighting


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Buy Outdoor Lights Online in Vtacled UK

Transform the exteriors of a Building or a Garden into a Beautiful piece of Architecture. Simultaneously help navigate obstacles at night, prevent accidents and provide security.V-TAC LED's Outdoor Lighting gives not just an elegance look of your place but also adds great value to your area and to make it safer at night time which gives an outstanding colour options, high luminous effect and environmental friendly at the same time. Lights are always a big hindrance to robbery, to the thieving fingers or any attempt or breaking in to a private property. Having an LED outdoor lighting makes your premises lit for a longer period of time because it has a longer life span than the incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, securing your area and securing your lights not to get burn easily because LED lights produces far less heat that the traditional lights and it does not burn out.A well lit premises protecting and securing your place with an eye turning, eye catching outdoor lighting system is the main reason why consumers are choosing V-TAC LED. Giving you a more beautiful night time scene and more welcoming and safe in a low voltage and cost effective way by making sure to put the right light to the right place. Energy efficiency is the main priority for having an outdoor lighting due to the fact of the long running hours.

V-TAC LED outdoor lights are as follows: Underground lights. LED GARDEN LIGHTS, with GU10 holder in aluminum, 304SS, Glass body type and black lamp body color. We have two LED garden lights with two different IP Rating, IP65 ,a complete protection against ingress of dust and water jets in any direction should have no harmful effects, and IP67, up to 1 m of submersion.Wall Light Fitting, in IP44, protected from tools and small wires greater than 1 millimeter and from water spray from any direction) and IP65, protected from total dust ingress and from low pressure water jets from any direction.Pool Lights. Two different pool lights, different beam angle, body type but the same IP rating which is IP68, that means that its hermetically sealed and these pool lights can be submerged under the water according to the products specification. The only difference is that the beam angle, one is 120º and the other one is 180º.V-TAC LED Outdoor lights have excellent Protection Rating like IP65 and IP67 that can work perfectly fine with extreme temperatures from -20º to +45º without any adverse effects. LED Outdoor lights provides a top sealing effectiveness that makes it invulnerable for a long period of time, and massive energy saving in return.In V-TAC LED, our outdoor lights are proven and recommended for application like gardens, outdoor residential areas, walkways & passages, driveways, fountains, lawns, entrance, patio or terrace makes your area safe and greener place to live.You can also look for Flood Lights, Street Light, Underground Lights, Wall Light and Emergency Lights.

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